Philips toothbrush head Sonicare W3 Premium White 4pcs - HX9064/33

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Dense bristles packed into the center of the Philips Sonicare Premium White brush head work hard to remove plaque, and everyday surface stains from food and drinks. Flexing sides let bristles contour to the unique shape of your teeth and gums for deep cleaning and a brighter smile in just 3 days. You get a personalized clean every time you brush with the adaptive cleaning technology. Soft, flexible rubber sides let Premium White adapt to the unique contors of your mouth. The bristles adjust to your gums and teeth, giving you up to 4x more surface contact than a regular brush head for deeper cleaning, even in hard to reach spots. The adaptive cleaning technology also allows gentle tracking along the gumline and absorb excessive brushing pressure, and enables an enhanced sweeping motion for a unique in-mouth feel and superior cleaning.
Производител Philips
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