PHILIPS PH SH50/50 Shaving Heads 5000 Series - SH50/50

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  • Replacement reminder
    The latest Philips shavers have an inbuilt replacement reminder in the form of a shaving unit symbol. This symbol will light up and indicate you when to replace shaving heads.
  • How to reset your shaver
    After replacing shaving heads, you can reset the replacement reminder by pressing the on/off button for more than 7 seconds. Otherwise, replacement trigger will turn off automatically after 9 successive shaves.
  • MultiPrecision blades
    Get a shave that's fast and close. These MultiPrecision blades raises and cuts all hairs and remaining stubble - all in a few strokes.
  • Super Lift & Cut
    Action Shave closer with the dual-blade Super Lift & Cut action. The first blade raises each hair while the second blade comfortably cuts below skin level, for really smooth results.
Производител Philips
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