PHILIPS PH JC302/50 Male Grooming - JC302/50

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  • Dual filter system
    The Dual Filter system cleans hair, foam and gel. The unique double filter prevents hairs from clogging your shaving heads, maintaining your shaver's excellent performance.
  • Active lubrication
    The active lubrication system reduces friction and wear on shaving heads and blades, keeping your shaver performing as new for longer.
  • More effective than water
    The DualFiltration system and active lubrication leave your shaver up to 10 times cleaner than with water alone.
  • Skin-friendly formula
    The alcohol-free, skin-friendly formula gives you a fresh and hygienic shave, and it is designed to protect against skin irritation.
  • Fresh scent
    The cartridge liquid for the SmartClean system has a unique formula and a pleasant fragrance. It hygienically cleans your shaver, while leaving a fresh scent on your shaving heads.
  • Cleans foam and gel
    The Philips SmartClean system with cleaning cartridges is the first shaver cleaning system that effectively cleans shavers used with foam and gel.
  • 6 months' supply
    One Philips cleaning cartridge lasts for up to 3 months of weekly usage. This 2-pack gives you 6 months of convenient cleaning.
  • For all SmartClean systems
    The cleaning cartridges are suitable for all shavers with the SmartClean system.
Производител Philips
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