Philips Hair clipper Series 7000 hair clipper Titanium Blades - HC7650/15

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  • Trim-n-Flow Pro technology
    The innovative comb design allows cut hair to flow away from the blades during use, preventing even long hair from getting stuck in the comb, so you can start and finish your style without interruption.
  • Corded or cordless use
    The hair clipper's powerful battery provides up to 90 minutes of cordless power after 1 hour of charging.
  • 100% washable
    The clipper is waterproof for easy, hassle-free cleaning under the tap. Rinse thoroughly with water only to always keep the clipper working like day one.
  • Turbo mode
    Pressing the Turbo mode button will increase the speed of the motor to efficiently cut even thicker hair.
  • Comfortable grip
    The Hair Clipper Series 7000 is designed to be comfortable to use, convenient to handle and easy to operate. The special texture and grip allow you to easily move the clipper and cut all around your head.
Производител Philips
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