PHILIPS BHB876/00 Hair curler Philips BH - BHB876/00

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The Philips StyleCare Prestige Auto Curler automatically makes your dream curls an effortless reality with its innovative smart curling system. Dream curls transformation with 2x more hair in one go.
  • Smart curling system
    Enjoy ultimate styling experience with the smart curling system. The innovative system is a great package of many upgraded features. Fabulous, lasting curls are created at a touch of a button with two auto-rotating smart curl guards. They curl every hair strand like a professional stylist all the while caring for your hair. The clever curl boost technology allows the auto curler to create lasting results at a more caring temperature setting. The device's longer barrel, easy vertical grip and open design that follows the natural flow of your hair help you style perfectly with little effort.
  • Vertical grip for easy use
    The auto curler is held in a natural vertical position with a relaxed grip, making it effortless to create perfectly consistent curls all around your head. The operating buttons are positioned where your grip is so that you can intuitively reach it. The curved, feminine shape of the curling chamber makes it comfortable to curl even closer to your scalp.
  • Smart curl guards
    The auto curler creates perfect fabulous curls that last, every time. Thanks to the innovative smart curl guards, hair is perfectly wrapped around the barrel like the masterful touch of a professional hairdresser. Because each strand of hair is curled evenly at the controlled temperature, the result is perfect each time.
  • Natural flowing open design
    The innovative open design in combination with two vertical curling guards help you achieve great curls while caring for your hair. In the spacy chamber, the rotating curl guards gently and smoothly wrap hair around the curling barrel with no stress. Because the curl guards are shaped vertically, following the natural flow of your hair, there is less chance of jamming the hair. Style with peace of mind.
Производител Philips
Гаранция(месеци) 24
Мощност (W) 50
Функции терморегулатор, керамично-кератиново покритие, LCD дисплей
Температура 170 – 210 °C
Покритие кератинова керамика
Дисплей Не
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