Охлаждащ гел за крака DEOFEET

Special Price 4,99 лв. Цена 6,98 лв.

- Премахва дискомфорта, причинен от уморените и подути крака;

- Тонизира краката;

- Реактивира циркулацията;

- Премахва острата болка;

- Моментално се усеща чувство на облекчение, отпускане и комфорт;

ACTIVATES CIRCULATION * PROVIDES COMFORT AND RELAXATION Brings immediate relief from sharp pain and tired legs. For maximum effects, massage from toes up to knees using circular movements, focus on the soles and inner leg area. (Rest for a few minutes with your legs up after application) The COLD MENTHOL GEL is ideal for people who have tired legs or spend long spans standing in the same position (athletes, dancers, shop assistants, housewives, etc.....)
Производител Brissas
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