Hair dryer Beurer HC 50 Hair dryer 2 200 W triple ionic function 2

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This hairdryer is suitable for drying and professionally styling your hair. Through it, you dry your hair quickly and gently. Thanks to the blowing and heat strength settings, the hairdryer can be used according to your individual needs. The additional cold air feature helps fix and hold your hairstyle.

Built-in ion technology uses negatively charged ions to neutralize the static charge in your hair. Thus, your hair is protected and retains its natural shine. The device has an automatic anti-overheating shutdown function. A thin professional nozzle helps you shape your hair any way you want, and the diffuser adds extra volume to your hair.

The protective function creates the right balance between the heat and air flow of the appliance. This ensures that the hair is protected from drying and retains its dazzling color. The hair dryer filter is removed and thus you can clean the suction fluff, dust and hair easily.

Производител BEURER
Гаранция(месеци) 36
Мощност (W) 2200
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